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Obama Turns ‘Star Wars’, ‘Star Trek’ Mix-Up Into Publicity Gold

In an attempt to woo the geeks in the country, President Obama used what he thought was a Star Wars analogy—“Jedi mind meld”—in his latest speech on the proposed financial plan.

Unfortunately, the president has made a huge geeky faux pas because the term appear to be a mash-up of Star Wars’s “Jedi mind tricks” and Star Trek’s “Vulcan mind melds”—although someone has pointed out that “Jedi mind meld” does exist.

Naturally, this caused quite a stir among both Star Wars and Star Trek fans on the internet—but in a stroke of social media genius, the White House Twitter team came up with a hilarious meme that pokes fun at their own mistake.

By using the signature typefaces from both the cult sci-fi franchises, the meme acknowledges the gaffe in good humor—undoubtedly, the president’s message is gaining a far wider audience and more attention than it would have otherwise.

Watch President Obama use the controversial term in his speech and view the Twitter responses to the blunder below:

[via The Atlantic]
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