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Oh My Disney: Disney’s New Blog Evokes Nostalgia

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OMD, or Oh My Disney, is Disney's new blog that puts a different spin on its past legacies.

Purportedly created to satisfy those of us that enjoy taking quizzes entitled, 'Which Disney princess are you?' or 'Which evil Disney character is your boss?', the website features a plethora of light-hearted, accessible posts that are easy to share.

Here are a few takes from the 'You know you're a 90s kid when…" section that's bound to bring a wave of nostalgia to some:

Hakuna Matata Is Your One And Only Life Motto


When You Have Something Big To Accomplish You Sing ♫ Let’s get down to business… ♫ To Yourself.

You’ve Always Wanted To (or, let’s be real, you already did) Rafiki Your Pet

You’re Of The Only Generation That Associates Ducks With Danger.

Your Gaming Obsession Can Be Traced Back To These.

[via Oh My Disney and]
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