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Origami-Inspired Teabag Concept Becomes A Decorative Piece After Opening Up

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Ottawa, Ontario student Seita Goto has created a Senba Tea product concept that possesses the dual function of casing teabags and becoming decoration after being opened.

The Algonquin College student's design is rooted in the Senba-Zuru (thousand origami cranes) tradition, wherein the origami cranes are Japanese symbols of peace and longevity; they also commemorate the victims of the atomic bomb in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

The simple geometric structure of the tea bags are composed of triangles, which is the main shape used to make the origami cranes.

When the paper shells encapsulating each tea bag are linked together and hung, they mirror the appearance and significance of the Senba-Zuru.

Careful to make the design environmentally friendly, Goto highlights that every aspect, including the transparent acetate box, is biodegradable. The fabric of the pyramid tea bags is of corn-origin and any glue used to put the product together, is made from plants.


[via, images via Seita Goto]
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