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The First Adorable Board Game That Literally Melts

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Save the polar bears before the ice melts!

To educate kids about global warming and its effects in a playful way, German science magazine for children GEOlino created an adorable game that literally melts.

Called ‘MELTDOWN’—the first board game that melts, according to GEOlino—the game’s aim is to move the polar bear family from the permanent ice floes to safety on the mainland.

Firstly, kids have to fill up the mold with water and freeze it; once frozen and the mold is removed, arranged chunks of ice (as ice floes) are revealed on the blue sponge board (as the sea) for playing.

Sponge is used as the material of the game board as it absorbs water for when the ice melts.

It’s a race against time as the ‘ice floes’ slowly melt into the ‘sea’ to form a small Arctic—MELTDOWN needs kids to save the polar bears with rolls of the dice.


Watch the video below to see the game at play:

[via GEOlino MELTDOWN]
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