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‘Hater’ Social Media App: The Answer To Facebook’s ‘Like’ Button

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Like the meme says, “Haters gonna hate!” And if you’re one of them, California-based Jake Banks has a social media app for you.

Called ‘Hater’, the answer to Facebook’s ‘Like’ button lets you share things you hate.

Celebrities, soccer referees, bad grammar and spelling, or Candy Crush requests—the app lets users take and upload pictures of things they dislike to share with the community, where they can be viewed by others for comments and feedback.

“It’s basically like Instagram for everything you hate,” Hater’s CEO, Banks, told Hypebeast.

But it’s not all about negativity; Banks also said: “You might hate something so much you want to change it, which is the complete opposite of what happens when you ‘Like’ something.”

The free app is available on iTunes.


Do you think Hater will take off?

[via Hater]
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