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You Can Now Continue To Tweet Even After You Die

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Have you made plans for your social media afterlife? With the soon-to-launch LivesOn app, even “when your heart stops beating, you’ll keep tweeting”.

An experiment project by ad agency executive Dave Bedwood Queen Mary University in England, the artificial intelligence app will function as your “digital twin”—after learning about your tweeting habits while you are still alive, it would generate and send out similar tweets in your name after you are gone.

“With an app like this you’re writing your own script, you’re manifesting your identity. Instead of someone writing on your tombstone, you’re taking the reins at how you are remembered.”


What do you think—is such an app an ingenious way to retaining your social media presence from beyond the grave, or is it just a little too morbid?

LivesOn is set to launch later this month and would be free for download.

[via Toronto Star]
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