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Disney Releases New ‘Mickey Mouse’ Animated Series

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After winning an Oscar Award for its viral animated video ‘Paperman’, Disney has released a new animated short—starring the iconic ‘Mickey Mouse’.

Titled ‘Croissant de Triomphe’, it features Mickey as he speeds through the streets of Paris—battling street traffic and various Parisian obstacles—in order to deliver croissants to Minnie’s café.

According to Disney, this animated cartoon is the first in a series of 19 shorts that the company will be rolling out on Disney Channel, and WATCH Disney Channel—starting from 28 June.

Future episodes will feature Mickey and other beloved Disney characters in different city settings around the world—such as New York, Beijing, Tokyo and Venice.

“With the slapstick feel of classic Mickey Mouse, the series of cartoon shorts presents Mickey in a broad range of humorous situations that showcase his pluck and rascality, along with his long-beloved charm and good heartedness,” wrote Disney.

Emmy Award-winning director Paul Rudish—the creator of ‘Dexter’s Laboratory’ and ‘The Powerpuff Girls’—will be the executive producer and director for this new Walt Disney Television Animation project.

What do you think of Mickey’s new animated short?

Click to watch the cartoon short below:


[via Disney]
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