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Imgembed: A New Standard for Online Image Use

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Launched at SXSW 2013, Imgembed is a new standard that promotes the fair use of images online.

For image creators—and we mean everyone, not just professionals—Imgembed gives you confidence in sharing your images, by ethically promoting you and giving you the recognition that you deserve.

Images can be tracked where they’re being used and permissions for every website can be customized––watermarks can be added at a click.

Watermarks can be applied instantly to any website via the user interface

Upon every view, all images will also automatically be regenerated and applied with the creator’s name—so that when someone attempts to download the images, the downloaded images will be watermarked with the creators’ names.


Imgembed also lets creators to set CPM prices for their images, allowing them to be fairly compensated based on the actual number of impressions displayed. Image creators can also access their weekly and monthly usage and earnings.

Image stats at a glance

Creators can start by uploading their images or import their albums from other sources such as Instagram, Flickr or Facebook.

For users who want to share the images on a blog, they can click on “embed” on the top right corner of every image. They can then set the ideal image size, copy the code, and paste it on their blog—all images will automatically feature the name of the creator.

Images are free for all to use, up to a maximum of 10 thousand impressions as long as the embed code is being used in full, which appends the footer bar that contains the creator’s name.

For blogs or publishers that wish to use the images without attribution, they may also pay by CPM (Cost per thousand impressions). By paying by CPM, they will only pay for the actual delivery of the views, without overpaying in the situation if their content is not popular.

The service is free for all image creators, with no cap on the number of uploads. It only charges a 30% commission when creators manage to sell their images by CPM.

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