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Notion Of ‘Value’ Questioned Through Delicate Ledger Sheet Structures

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Whether it is for business or personal transitions, many of us are preoccupied with determining our profits and losses.

Jill Sylvia is an artist who felt the need to try to understand civilization's compulsion to quantify transitions.

She noted that to keep track of what we have spent on, ledger sheets are often used. As Sylvia commented, “they are the material of economics.”

Using a drafting knife, Sylvia individually removed tens of thousands of boxes from ledger paper, leaving behind the lattice of the grid intended to separate the boxes.

The remaining ‘skeletal pages’ drape and accumulate, and as a whole, “demarcate the time cost for their creation, and become the buildings for which they have laid the groundwork”.


With each piece that Sylia creates, the notion of “value” is questioned—be it the value of our “quotidian pursuits, the relative value of labor, or the implicit values of economic advancement”.

[via, images via Jill Sylvia]
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