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New York City Captured In A Mesmerizing Slo-Mo Video

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London-born, New York-based artist James Nares captured a mesmerizing video that encapsulates the beauty in the everyday activities on the street of the Big Apple.

Scaled down from 16 hours of footage, to a 3 minute high-definition film that translated to 61-minutes of slow-motion magic—and paired with Sonic Youth’s Thurston Moore soundtrack in the background—the film entitled ‘Street’ hypnotizes audiences with a view of New York, from Battery Park to Upper Broadway.

“I wanted the film to be about people,” Nares said. “All it needed were magical moments, and there are enough of those happening every moment of any given day.”

“My intention was to give the dreamlike impression of floating through a city full of people frozen in time, caught Pompeii-like, at a particular moment of thought, expression, or activity… a film to be viewed 100 years from now.”


Check out the preview of ‘Street’ below:

[via Paul Kasmin Gallery]
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