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A Tongue-Mounted Toothbrush, For Hands-Free Teeth-Cleaning On The Go

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Forget mints—what about licking your way to a cleaner and fresher mouth with a toothbrush you can wear on your tongue?

That is exactly what Canadian entrepreneurs Adel Elseri and Said Fayad have in mind with their new product T2T, which stands for “Tongue To Teeth”.

A thin plastic device that slips easily over the tongue, the T2T has a coating of toothpaste that can be used to clean the insides of the mouth without the use of one’s hands, while on the go.

After presenting their invention to the producers of the “Dragons’ Den” television show for innovators, the duo states that they are confident that T2T will make the mark.


Would you be interested to try such a teeth-cleaning product?

[via T2T Facebook Page]
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