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Street Artist Gives Decaying Buildings Strange Faces

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As part of his ongoing street art series called ‘The Living Wall’, Russian street artist Nikita Nomerz brings new life to dilapidated buildings by painting strange faces on them.

Traveling around his homeland, Nomerz makes an effort to paint a face in each new place he visits.

From abandon factories to old walls, Nomerz adds his own distinct personal touch to these crumbling urban spaces.

“I paint in the street, in public spaces, but I do not position myself as an invader of the city or a destroyer,” Nomerz told Global Street Art. “I position myself as a creator. With my street art work, I fill the urban emptiness.”

“I am inspired by the process of painting, city, people, music, movies and art by other artists. All this is interesting: it pushes the creation of art works.”


[via Nikita Nomerz and Global Street Art]
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