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A Big Book Of Logos That Brings Together More Than 7,000 Brand Images

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Paris-based graphic designer Ludovic Houplain and his partners at the H5 design studio have put together a monumental tome—aptly titled Logobook—that details thousands of the world’s most recognizable brand logos.

Back in 2009, Houplain produced the Academy Award-winning short film Logorama, which imagines a world composed entirely out of logos.

His latest book is a follow-up to the highly acclaimed film and alphabetically documents more than 7,000 corporate logos—amazingly, this is just a fraction of the approximately 40,000 consumer graphics that the H5 team has gathered for the production of Logorama.

Each logo in the book is accompanied by a caption that identifies its company, category, year and country of creation.

Colorful and informative, this will make a great resource for artists, designers and anyone else who has an interest in graphic design and brand identity.

Logobook is set to launch on 1 April 2013—you can purchase it on Amazon.


[via Cool Hunting]
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