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For Pope Benedict XVI’s Retirement, A Proposed Retreat House

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On 28 February 2013, Pope Benedict XVI resigned and left the Vatican.

The 85-year-old Joseph Alois Ratzinger now lives in Castello Gandolfo, about 30km away from Rome.

As a spiritual retreat for him, architects 1 WEEK 1 PROJECT proposed a house that takes the shape liken to a ‘halo’, perched on the roofs of the capital of Italy.

The house—part of the project entitled ‘Ciao Papam’—would offer a 360-degree view of Piazza della Rotonda in Rome, and its interior design would be organized around a central courtyard or garden.

According to the architects, “it will allow Benedict XVI isolation necessary for prayer while maintaining a link with the world”.


Of course, all this is just a concept. But what do you think—would it suit the former Pope?

[via 1 WEEK 1 PROJECT]
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