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Heinz Creates Musical Spoons & Handmade Bowls, For Ultimate Eating Experience

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According to Heinz, our taste buds are intrinsically linked to our other senses; what we see, touch, hear and feel affect how much we enjoy what we eat.

With this in mind, the brand teamed up with food designers Bompas and Parr to create musical spoons and handmade bowls for its new ‘Flavored Beanz’.

To give consumers the “ultimate flavor experience”, a set of spoon and bowl was created to specially match each of the new five Heinz Beanz flavors—each set inspired by the look, feel and taste of the flavors.

The special spoons each contain a tiny MP3 player within; the music it plays is inaudible, until the diner places the spoon into his/her mouth and gently bites down—causing the sound vibrations to travel through the jawbone to the ear.

For the curry flavor, Punjabi Bhangra sounds were composed as music; the fiery chilli flavor, up-tempo Latin samba; the barbecue flavor, gentle blues with soft sizzling sounds; the cheddar cheese flavor, a melody inspired by Elgar and played with a cheese wire; and the garlic and herb flavor, sounds of rustling garlic skins and tin cans knocking.

The textures and colors of the bowls have also been designed to signify the flavor associations.

The cheddar cheese flavor bowl looks like a traditional wheel of cheese; the garlic and herb flavor bowl, a garlic bulb; the fiery chilli flavor bowl, a sharp spiky flavor bowl; the barbecue flavor bowl, a charred limewood bowl; the curry flavor bowl, a bowl inspired by tall piles of spices.

“Heinz Flavoured Beanz have been introduced to offer a new taste experience, whilst remaining true to the flavours of the beans we know and love,” Katherine Broadley, spokesperson of Heinz, said in a statement.


“Through our latest work with food architects Bompas & Parr, we hope to continue to elevate Heinz Beanz’s iconic status, offering beans lovers a new and exciting way in which to experience their favourite flavours. Harnessing the power of new technological developments we have created the Heinz Beanz Flavour Experience to challenge perceptions of how we eat and change the way in which we consume food.”

[via Dezeen]
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