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Handcrafted Bicycles Made Of Bamboo

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After three years of trial and error, research and tests, Ah Sun Chuah finally devised a plan to create his first bamboo bicycle that would bring together the beneficial aspects of the bamboo with the advantages of modern technology.

These naturally handcrafted Bamboobee bicycles have been put through an in-house special treatment during which a honey-infusion process is carried out on the bamboo. This prevents the bamboo from cracking and will help the bike last for longer.

It being made out of bamboo will also mean that the bicycle will feature a naturally dampening effect during a ride.

The Bamboobee bicycle will have a warranty period of 10 years.

For more information about the Bamboobee bicycle's features and benefits, you can watch the video below:


[via, images via Bamboobee]
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