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Infographic: How Much Are ‘Zombies’ Worth?

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To some, zombies are walking, re-animated corpses that prey upon the living, eating anything that gets in their way—but did you know that zombies are actually pretty good cash generators?

In an infographic by called ‘Zombie Economics’, it highlights how the zombie genre has made a total of $5.74 billion over the past 4 years—majority of which came from movies and video games.

One example is the popular app ‘Plants VS Zombies’, which generated $1 million in sales during the first nine days of its release.


The zombie genre is so popular that there are even zombie events and boot camps that give participants a chance to become zombies or prepare them for the ‘zombie-pocalypse’.

For more information on how lucrative the zombie genre is, check out the infographic below:

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