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A Portable, Hand-Pumped Espresso Machine Makes Great Coffee Anywhere

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South Califonia-based company Uniterra has created an innovative portable espresso machine that requires only hot water and ground coffee to produce a great-tasting caffeine fix.

Named the “Nomad”, this “revolutionary” espresso machine does not require any electricity or batteries to operate—all one needs to do is to give the user-friendly lever a few pumps.

The Nomad also comes equipped with the “True Crema Valve” which enables users to brew great coffee from coarser grounds without expensive grinding equipment or extensive training.


This nifty machine, the size of a 15 centimeters cube, will come in handy when you are out camping, on a road trip or even in a post-apocalyptic world where there is no electricity.

If you want to see the Nomad make it to production, pledge for it on Kickstarter.

[via Kickstarter]
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