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Stark Stills Of Playgrounds, From All Over The World

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With an aim to capture photographs of the playgrounds ‘native’ to different parts of the world, Manuela Varez Diestro embarked on a trip across Europe, Asia, North America and the Middle East.

His stark collection of stills offer up a window through which we can see how children are entertained in different contexts.

From the centre of some of the most bustling cities, like Hong Kong (see first image above), to remote areas you'd never expect to see a playground at, here's a glimpse into where some children of the world get their daily dose of playtime:

Playground in East London:

Playground in Iceland:

Playground in Seville, Spain:

Playground in Benidorm, Spain:


Playground in Sur, Spain [i]:

Playground in Sur, Spain [ii]:

Playground in Tiwi, Philippines:

Playground in New York:

Playground in Reinosa, Spain:

Playground in South London:

Playground in Nabatieh, Lebanon:

[via Design Boom, images via Manuela Varez Diestro]
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