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Street Artists Gives Public Fixtures Silly, Googly-Eyed Faces

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“Eyebombing” is a street art movement that uses silly googly eyes to transform public spaces instead of colorful spray paint.

The purpose of the Eyebombing movement is to bring a smile to fellow citizens by turning mundane, inanimate street infrastructure like fire hydrants, mail boxes and trash bins into goofy characters.

“What makes Eyebombing different from traditional types of street art like tagging, sticking, stencils is the purpose. The above forms are largely driven by egocentric behaviour, like getting seen, respect and maybe a hope to get famous, often using vandalism as modus operandi. Eyebombing as urban art is only about the message itself.”

Originating from a couple of Danish eyebombers, the idea has spread to many other parts of the world—you can buy a start kit on the Eyebombing website and start uploading your pictures onto the movement’s Flickr group.


[via Eyebombing]
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