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Infographic: What Different Countries Eat To Get Rid Of Hangovers

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You wake up after a night of heavy drinking and you have a hangover. What should you eat to get rid of it?

In an infographic by Confused called ‘Hangover Helper’, it lists down several ‘food remedies’ from around the world that might help you to get rid of a hangover.

In America, people tend to eat greasy and fatty foods to rid them of a hangover; as for Russians, they prefer a tall glass of pickle juice; for Japan, a ‘Shijima’ soup made of raw egg, miso and pickled plums; while in Denmark, it seems like people drink more alcohol—in the form of ‘recovery beer’—to cure their hangovers.


The infographic even points out the amount of calories that a night of drinking can amount to.

What is your cure to a hangover?

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[via Confused]
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