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A Behind-The-Scenes Look At The Making Of A Disney Logo

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The final 8-bit logo

Graphic designer Michael Doret was tasked with the creation of the logo for Disney’s recent animated feature, Wreck-It Ralph—and he gives us a behind-the-scenes perspective on the logo’s design process.

Developing the logo took several months, during which the designer made numerous sketches.

He wanted the logo to be playful and reminiscent of classic arcade logos of the ‘70s—and after settling on the idea of an 8-bit logo surrounding an 8-bit face, he then worked to refine it.

Doret also had to find a way to incorporate the Disney logo into the final piece.

Scroll down to view more of the designer’s behind-the-scenes sketches to gain insight into the making of a Disney logo.


[via Creative Bloq]
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