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A Bed Cover Printed With Pictures Of Yawning People Will Lull You To Sleep

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If you have trouble getting to sleep, the following product is made with you in mind.

Dutch bedding company Snurk has created “the world’s most sleep-inducing” duvet cover set that will hopefully send you off to dreamland in no time—covered with pictures of yawning people, its effectiveness is based on the infectious power of yawning.

According to Snurk, the ‘Yawn’ duvet cover will work “because seeing a person yawn, makes a person yawn, and sleeping soon follows yawning”—nobody who has ever “caught” yawning from another person can argue with this logic.


If you don’t think that going to bed and waking up to pictures of yawning strangers is creepy, you can purchase this duvet cover—which “makes the sleeping pill redundant”—over here in three sizes.

[via Snurk]
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