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An Amazing Light Bulb Designed To Be Immersed In Water

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Brno-based Czech design studio AuraDesign “invents things that attract attention and produces things that have soul”—this motto is evident in its latest product, a light bulb named ‘Edie’.

Edie looks like an ordinary light bulb at first glance, but it is definitely anything but that—designed to be immersed in liquids, it creates wonderful refracted lighting effects that are beautiful to behold.

Capable of being manufactured in a wide variety of sizes and colors, Edie can be used to create a large number of lighting options when used alone and in groups.

To inspire potential customers, the designers at AuraDesign have published some interesting sketches that show how Edie can be used—from suspending a single bulb in a simple glass cube to arranging them in a bouquet-like formation, the possibilities with this innovative bulb do seem endless.


The best part about Edie is that it will look great regardless of whether it is switched on or off.

[via AuraDesign]
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