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Thought-Provoking Photos Of Gigantic Billboards Looming Over People In NYC

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In 2008, Israeli photographer Natan Dvir started shooting the gigantic branded billboards found across New York City that advertise soon-to-be-opened stores.

These billboards are photographed as a backdrop for daily life in New York, looming over and dwarfing the pedestrians, push-carts and benches in front of them.

The huge models in the pictures on the billboards stand in stark contrast to the tiny real people on the streets, making a statement about the imposing presence of branding and advertising in the city.

Despite their size, these monumental advertisements are so common that they are rendered virtually unnoticeable to the passers-by, turning them into “passive spectators”.

According to the photographer, the ‘Coming Soon’ series is “an exploration of our visual relationship with the branded city centers and the commercial environment we live in”.


[via PetaPixel]
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