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Beer Brand Introduces New ‘Bowtie-Shaped’ Beer Can

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As a new package design and in an effort to reflect its iconic logo, beer brand Budweiser by Anheuser-Busch has introduced ‘bowtie-shaped’ beer cans.

The new can is the pale lager label’s 13th design, and has been in development since 2010—but it will not be replacing Budweiser’s traditional can.

To create the can’s unique bowtie shape required special can-making equipment, and a 16-step process: 10 to form the bottom half of the can; the other six to form the top.

The angles of the can need to be very precise because of the physical limitations of aluminium.

“We explored various shapes that would be distinguishable in the marketplace, but also viable from an engineering standpoint,” vice president of innovation for Anheuser-Busch, Pat McGauley, said in a statement. “Aluminium can be stretched only about 10% without fracturing, which requires that the angles of the bowtie be very precise.”

Despite its cool shape, the bowtie-shape has not-so-cool factors: it not only uses twice the amount of aluminium and costs more to manufacture, compared to traditional beer cans, but also contains less beer.

Traditional cans hold 12 ounces of beer, while Budweiser’s bowtie-shape can holds 11.3 ounces—but the good thing is, it contains less calories of 137 calories (8.5 less than traditional cans).


The company has rolled out 10 million bowtie cans that will hit shelves on 6 May later this year; and plans to product 8 million more this month.

“This can is incomparable, like nothing you’ve ever seen before,” Vice president of innovation for Anheuser-Busch, Pat McGauley, said in a statement. “The world’s most iconic brand deserves the world’s most unique and innovative can. I think we have it here.”

What do you think? A bowtie-shaped beer can to make happy hour look dapper?

[via Anheuser-Busch]
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