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The Human Printer: Humans Painstakingly Dot CMYK Colors By Hand To Create Prints

We can’t decide which is more arduous: composing drawings out of millions of ink dots, or layering dots of color by hand to create prints.

Following the same process as a digital printer, The Human Printer is liken to a ‘sweatshop for prints’ that has a group of design students generate detailed printed products by hand—down to the last dot.

Throughout its printing process, The Human Printer assumes the role of a machine, and requires the students to mimic CMYK halftones created on a computer—by painstakingly layering dots of color in a pattern with Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and blacK markers, to create full-color images.

Unlike its modern-day counterpart, The Human Printer is imperfect, but creates one-of-a-kind images each time.

Check out the sheer level of detail of the hand-made prints below:

[via The Human Printer]
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