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A’ Design Award & Competition Announces Winners Of 2013

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The competition that offers designers and innovators the opportunity to showcase their talent to a global audience, A’ Design Award and Competition, is pleased to announce this year’s winners of the contest.

In a world where millions of products and designs launch every year, the annual award not only highlights and underlines the best designs and well-designed products, but also offers designers and innovators a chance to gain publicity, fame and recognition.

Switzerland-based designers, beer enthusiasts and color lovers Alexander Michelbach and Daniel Eugster of Beertone were one of the winners in 2012/2013, taking top honors for the “Idea Design” category with their ‘Beertone Beer Color Swatches’.

Beertone Beer Color Swatches is the first beer reference guide based on beer colors, and winner of the Platinum A’ Design Award.

Inspired by the fact that there were previously no beer guides that presented beers by colors, Michelbach and Eugster decided to create one on their own.

In an interview with Design Interviews, Michelbach said: “[There are] some Beer Guides on the market, but we [wanted] one with a completely new approach, and at the same time, with useful content and was cool to handle.”

What made Beertone so design-centered? The approach.

“When we created Beertone we thought that designers/graphic designers would be the main customer, but there’s a lot of beer enthusiasts out there that liked the product, the idea,” Michelbach added.

The Idea Design winner put Michelbach at spot #116 of the map, among 447 other top designers that were granted the A’ Design Award, based on Designer Rankings.

Michelbach of Beertone was just one of the many winners of the award from all around the world, between the years 2010 to 2013.

Currently, the United States of America stands as the country that has won the most awards over the past years, according to World Design Rankings, out of 66 other countries.

To see more award winning projects, you can head here.

Beertone by Alexander Michelbach


Slider Folding Bike by Paul Hao Ting Hsu

Stream Beam by Nur Yıldırım

Undercover Pinot Noir by Alexandru Patru

Power Lunch by Springetts Brand Design Consultants

Ali Di Luna (moon’s Wings) by Stefania Vola

Our Lady of The Rosary-Hrajel by Mz Architects

Aldar Headquarters by Mz Architects

Downtown Penthouse by Cecconi Simone

Downtown Penthouse by Cecconi Simone

House by Mariana Simas

Easy Domes by Kari Thomsen

Easy Domes by Kari Thomsen

This announcement is sponsored by A’ Design Award and Competition.
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