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Eerie Photos Of Abandoned Airplane Wrecks From Around The World

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German photographer Dietmar Eckell has traveled the world to photograph abandoned airplane wreckages in a photo project called ‘Happy End’.

While it might be unusual to describe the events as ‘happy’, Eckell said that all these wreckages were considered “miracles in aviation history” because everyone on board survived the crash landings and were rescued from their locations.

After his travels, Eckell is planning to turn his images into a coffee table photo book. He is currently raising funds for this project on here.

“My photography is not about documenting the planes condition & details but how they are embedded in grand nature after so many years,” he wrote. “I try to capture the surreal beauty of these settings using high viewpoints or shooting through layers.”

“Inspired by the shipwreck painters of the romantic period, I look for dramatic skies, late light or fall colors to ‘glorify’ these wonderful planes."

To find out more about this project, check out his Indiegogo page here.


[via Dietmar Eckell and Indiegogo]
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