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CMYK Lightbulb That Casts Colored Shadows

Netherlands-based English designer Dennis Parren created a light bulb that casts colored shadows.

To create the white light source of the ‘CMYK Bulb’, Parren combined red-, green- and blue-colored LEDs into one.

As opposed to the usual black, the bulb casts mesmerizing shadows in cyan, magenta and yellow colors.

A lamp shade to accompany the bulb was also created, which was derived from a previous project—and it creates a “colored confetti pattern to walls and ceilings,” Parren said in a statement.

“I chose this shape because the light sparkles through the little holes. Like a real diamond,” he said. “The cheapest diamond ever made.”

The CMYK bulb will soon be made available and is expected to retail at about €95.

[via Dezeen, images via Dennis Parren]
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