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Rice Packaging Design Highlights That Not Everything ‘Made in China’ Is Bad

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Design student Yoav Gati has come up with a thoughtful packaging design for rice ‘Made in China.’

Gati's concept is inspired by how the ‘Made in China’ label has become pervasive in the world, after decades of mass production in China.  

The budding designer also wanted to convey the stark fact that China has been a key exporter of rice for centuries. Therefore, his project aptly highlights that rice, among other commodities, is made in China as well.

His work consists of an “interactive assembly line” consisting of 15 units of rice packages. Each package features a different graphic and when viewed collectively, they form the words, ‘Made in China’.

To find out more about Gati's packaging design, have a look at the video below and the images that follow:


[via, images via Yoav Gati]
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