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What Popular Websites Used To Look Like

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Business Insider has decided to take a trip down memory lane by compiling several images that show what popular websites used to look like before they became big.

From Facebook and Twitter to Google and eBay, the images show exactly how far web design has come.

Check out the images below:

Google – 1998

Google – Now

LinkedIn – May 2003

LinkedIn – Now

The Huffington Post – May 2005

The Huffington Post – Now

MySpace – October 2003

MySpace – Now


YouTube – May 2005

YouTube – Now

Twitter – October 2006

Twitter – Now

Yahoo! – 1994

Yahoo! – Now

The New York Times –1996

The New York Times – Now

eBay – 1997

eBay – Now

Facebook – 2004

Facebook – Now

[via Business Insider]
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