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World’s First ‘Bionic’ Dog With Four Prosthetic Legs

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Naki’o is the world’s first dog to get four artificial limbs.

He first lost his limbs and part of his tails as a puppy: when his mother was a stray dog and had her litter in a deserted house cellar on a cold winter night, and Naki’o (one of the pups) fell asleep with all fours paws, part of his tail, a bit of his nose and an ear in a puddle.

When the puddle froze up in the night, Naki’o got severe frostbite—resulting in him getting uneven legs with sharp ends that cause him pain when he runs around.


The custom prosthetic legs by US-based company Orthopets caters to the mixed breed’s paw-less legs, by evening out the length of his legs—helping Naki’o get a more normal body alignment.

And now with prosthetic limbs, he runs around comfortably.

For a more detailed back story about Naki’o, watch the video below:

[via Orthopets]
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