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A Tip Jar That Accepts Credit Cards

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Want to tip your favorite barista but you’ve run out of change or loose notes? No worries, because you can now leave some gratuity with your plastic thanks to ‘DipJar’.

Designed by coffee lover Ryder Kessler and his brother Judd, it is a tip jar that accepts credit cards.

With each credit card ‘dip’, the device collects a dollar and contributes it to a barista’s daily tip earnings.

“For years, cash tip jars have been a staple of store counters,” the brothers wrote on their website. “Customers drop in their dollar bills and loose change to show appreciation for the employees brewing their coffees or preparing their sandwiches.”


“But we love the convenience of paying with plastic—swiping a debit or credit card is so much faster and more convenient than carrying wallets stuffed with singles—and so employees lose out on the tips that help supplement their hourly wage.”

“That’s where DipJar comes in. It’s as simple as a cash tip jar but with the technology to accept and pass along tips left with credit and debit cards.”

[via DipJar, images via DipJar’s Facebook]
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