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What Shakespeare, Marie Antoinette & Other Historical Figures Would Look Today

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British history channel Yesterday has commissioned a series of artworks that imagines what some of the world’s most famous historical figures would have look like if they were alive today.

Created under the watchful eye of academic, author and historian Dr Suzannah Lipscomb, the series consists of five updated portraits, including that of William Shakespeare, Marie Antoinette and Queen Elizabeth I.

Placed alongside the original portraits that inspired them, these modern depictions of well-known personalities in history offer a refreshing new perspective from which to learn about their lives.

For instance, Shakespeare is imagined as a modern day, hipster playwright with undetermined sexuality, while Marie Antoinette swaps her massive gowns for trendy designer dresses.

In these portraits, the historical icons have also made used of today’s technologies—such as, hair transplanting techniques and teeth whitening procedures—to enhance their looks.


Read more about this fascinating project over here.

[via Telegraph]
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