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Edible Chairs & Tables: You Can Have Your Chocolate Chair And Eat It Too

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As part of Padiglione Italia’s Foodmade exhibition, design studio Lanzavecchia + Wai created a collection of four furniture pieces that can be eaten.

Consisting of the ‘Hard Candy coffee table’, ‘Chocolate chair’, ‘Grains sofa’ and ‘Hardtrack table’, each furniture item of the series has a basic metal structure that’s covered with delicious food finishes—which means users can eat all parts of the chairs and tables when hungry, except the iron structures.

The Hard Candy coffee table has a tabletop made of a huge hard-boiled sweet, and metal legs.

The Chocolate chair is made of 24kg of white chocolate, and a metal stool.

The Grains sofa has a backrest made of rice bricks glued together with starch, and a cotton quilt full of dried beans.

The Hardtrack table has a tabletop baked into a cracker, balanced on stacked tins of corned beef.

If you ever run out of snacks for coffee or tea when unexpected guests arrive, these edible furniture pieces could prove to be amazing lifesavers—and even after nibbling off your chairs and tables, users can ‘resurface’ them to make them whole once more.

Edible furniture: yay or nay?


[via Dezeen]
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