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Charming Illustrations Created With Fuzzy Felt

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Venetian-based artist Jacopo Rosati employed boldly colored fuzzy felt to create nostalgic, comical make-you-smile scenes.

Rosati chose to work with a tactile and tangible medium like fuzzy felt because he had grown “pretty sick” of working in front of a computer, day after day. It was this that led him to think about an alternative way to express himself with handcrafted works.

He also felt that felt was a rarely-used material in illustration, which made him interested to work with it.

When asked about how he handles physical materials like felt, Rosati explained that he does face some trouble executing the tiny details. As such, he visualizes the whole image at the start so that he can determine the “smallest elements that [he] can actually cut out with [his] scissors.”

Enjoy his fun, vibrant work with the use of nostalgic fuzzy felt:


[via, images via Jacopo Rosati]
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