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Incredible Cry Translator Lets You Know Why Your Baby Is Upset

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Like cats, it is often difficult to communicate with your baby and find out what he/she wants—this is where the incredible ‘Cry Translator’ app comes in.

According to its creators, the Cry Translator is “an effective translator for baby crying, helping parents/baby caregivers to pay early and effective attention which can soothe a baby crying”.

In less than 10 seconds, the app is able to analyze the baby’s cry and provide a ‘diagnosis’ as to why the baby is upset—babies’ cries usually translate to signals for hunger, sleepiness, discomfort, stress or simple boredom.


The app, which promises to be a godsend for clueless, distressed parents and caregivers, even provides useful tips on how to get your baby to stop crying—it is now available for download at US$4.99 on the App Store.

[via Cry Translator]
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