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Adobe Drops ‘Creative Suite’ To Focus On Creative Cloud

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After almost 10 years, Adobe is dumping its Creative Suite product line entirely to focus on its Creative Cloud.

According to The Next Web, the company’s switch to its subscription-based service (which was launched a couple of years ago) is to eliminate “the familiar retail box”, and also for piracy and revenue.

By switching its model to a subscription-based model, the company hopes to prevent piracy—as users would need accounts for new software versions to work, and less copies of its software and serial numbers would be available on file-sharing services.


The subscription-based model would also guarantee Adobe a regular flow of income, as users have to pay a monthly fee—rather than sudden influxes of revenue only when new versions of its Creative Suites are released.

Like every year, the company will still offer updated versions of its applications—but this time, via subscription for a monthly fee (of about US$29.99 per month) and in new versions branded with “CC”, such as Photoshop CC, InDesignCC, Illustrator CC, Dreamweaver CC and Premiere Pro CC.

Adobe’s CC suites will launch in June.

What do you think of subscription-based Photoshop and the likes?

[via The Next Web]
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