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A Booklet That Explores The Different Thoughts Between Designers And Clients

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When it comes to producing a piece of work, graphic designers usually think about the creative process, while clients tend to worry about the cost and its ‘sellability’.

To help show the different thoughts between designers and clients, Singapore-based graphic designer Sok Hwee has designed a two-page flip booklet called ‘Graphic Designer Vs Client’.

Inside the booklet, it illustrates various conflicting interests that often plague designer-client relationships.

“The relationship between graphic designer and client is an important aspect of graphic design,” wrote Sok Hwee. “How the design is presented, the client’s opinions, etc. can have impact on the final design.”

“Designers and client may have different perspective to the brief, but the design outcome will only be one. Graphic design should be a win-win solution between the designer and client, so that it will be the best decision made for the brief.”

“My response is in the form of a booklet showing the different thoughts between designer (left side) and client (right side). Its purpose serves as a reflection for young designers especially, to think about how much they want to handle their relationship with the client.”


[via Sok Hwee]
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