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The ‘ORIGAMI Condom’: Instant Slip On, Not Roll On

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Daniel Resnic has given the popular birth control method a redesign, creating the ‘ORIGAMI Condom’, which he hopes will offer consumers an alternative to its counterpart—the widely-used but largely thought of as uncomfortable, latex condom. 

All ORIGAMI Condoms are not rolled or folded and are made of soft, flexible and durable silicone material.

Based on an accordion design, the condom is reportedly supposed to “slip on instantly”, which is in direct contrast to the experience of struggling to unroll a latex condom.

Overall, they are designed to allow for a sexual experience that is “consistent with natural intercourse performance”.

In total, there are three unique condom designs. One for females (ORIGAMI Female Condom™), another for males (ORIGAMI Male Condom™) and one that is designed for receptive anal intercourse (ORIGAMI R.A.I. Condom™). Only one of the ORIGAMI Condoms is required during intercourse.

To know more about how the ORIGAMI Condoms work, you can watch the videos below:


About The ORIGAMI Female Condom™:

The ORIGAMI Condom VS Latex:

An Interview With Daniel Resnic:

The ORIGAMI Female Condom™:

The ORIGAMI Male Condom™:

The ORIGAMI R.A.I. Condom™:

[via PR and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, images via]
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