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Clever, Funny Cartoons That Poke Fun At Our Technology-Obsessed Society

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Scottish cartoonist Tom Gauld, who has been contributing regularly to the Guardian for years, draws witty, short-and-sweet one-panel comics that make fun of our era, which cannot “live” without smartphones, e-books, infographics and other tech obsessions.

Finding the space constraints of his medium to be stimulating instead of restricting, Gauld works hard to make the best out of his limited real estate and tells funny but compelling stories about the internet generation.

“Mostly I find that the small space helps the process of making cartoons. It forces me to boil things down to their simplest form, which I think makes for good jokes and interesting cartoons,” he said.

One of our favorite cartoons from him stars an ill-fated Kindle, who wanted great literary works to be read on him but found himself used for recipes in the kitchen instead—he eventually drowned in a pot of onion soup.

Gauld’s cartoons are now collected in a new book titled You’re All Just Jealous Of My Jetpack, which you can purchase on Amazon.

You can also check out his Tumblr page for more of his awesome satiric cartoons.


[via Fast Co. Design]
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