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Popular Movie Posters Redesigned With Their Original Working Titles

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Redditor Daidalos5 has compiled several redesigned movie posters—like ‘The Avengers’, ‘Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi’, ‘Back to the Future 2’, and more—in which, the film names were replaced with their original working titles.

This concept was done previously, but using original book titles.

The Avengers – The Group Hug

Batman Begins - The Intimidation Game

The Dark Knight - Rory's First Kiss

The Dark Knight Rises - Magnus Rex

Iron Man 2 - Rasputin

Captian America - Frostbite

Superman Returns - Red Sun


Star Trek - Corporate Headquarters

Star Wars - Blue Harvest

Pacific Rim - Still Seas

Blade Runner - Dangerous Days

2012 - Farewell Atlantis

Matrix Reloaded - The Burly Man

E.T. - A Boy's Life

Chamber of the Secrets - Incident on 57th Street

Back to the Future II - Paradox

[via Reddit, images via Imgur]
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