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Adobe Unveils Personal ‘Smart Stylus & Ruler’ For Tablets

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Adobe is experimenting with analog and making its first foray into hardware—and unveiled a pressure-sensitive stylus and ruler that could be the tools of the future for designers.

The ‘Project Mighty’ stylus and ‘Napoleon’ ruler are Bluetooth-connected devices that can be paired up with smartphones and tablets—the devices work on an Adobe app that has yet to be released.

Project Mighty stores its users information, and works with paired devices—meaning users can continue working on any smart device they own with a click of the button on the pen, to access their past works on Adobe’s Creative Cloud.

When Project Mighty stylus and Napoleon ruler work together, users can accurately draw straight lines that ‘snap to grid’, identical curves or angled shapes—a feature other existing styluses in the market don’t offer.

Check out Adobe’s hardware devices in the video below:


[via Core77]
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