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Infographic: The Life Expectancies Of Superheroes

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Considering their hazardous crime-fighting careers and frequent injuries, have you ever wondered about how long superheroes would live if they were real people?

UK-based creative agency Designbysoap has created a fun infographic for British insurance company LifeQuotes4U that projects the life expectancies of superheroes.

Analyzing information such as their lifestyle choices—for instance, whether they smoke or drink—whether they are immortal or not and if they have any regenerative powers, the infographic gives you an idea of how long a superhero can be expected to live.

From technically immortal characters like god/superhero Thor to very human ones like Rick Grimes who lives during a zombie apocalypse, the featured superheroes may live for a mere 40 years to well over a thousand.


How do your favorite superheroes fare in this game of life?

View the entire infographic below:

Click on image to enlarge

Click on image to enlarge

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