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Vitamin D2: Phaidon’s Ode To The Humble Pencil As An Artistic Tool

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Publisher Phaidon has recently released a followup to its 2005 tome Vitamin D: New Perspectives In Drawing, which shines the spotlight on the humble pencil in the contemporary art world.

By analyzing a diverse range of 500 recent artworks, Vitamind D2 shows how pencil drawing continues to be an important medium today, even as computer-generated art flourishes.

Structured like an encyclopedia, this beautiful book features the works of 115 talented international artists, alongside insightful commentary from respected art historian like Christian Rattemeyer, Associate Curator of Drawings at MoMA New York.


Set to come out on 21 May 2013, Vitamind D2 is now available for preorder on Amazon.

[via Cool Hunting]
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