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Infographic: How Much Would It Cost To Be Great Gatsby

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As the much anticipated The Great Gatsby hits screens across the world this week, movie-goers are brought back to the glamorous, unabashedly extravagant Roaring Twenties.

But have you ever wondered exactly how much it would cost to have Jay Gatsby’s enviable party lifestyle filled with champagne, beautiful people and upper-class fun?

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania-based artist Nickolay Lamm has created an infographic for British website MyVoucherCodes that addresses this exact query.


From a US$30 million mansion and a wardrobe that costs US$470,610 to a party expenditure of US$250,000, being The Great Gatsby certainly doesn’t come cheap.

The total bill comes up to a whooping US$34,320,880—view the entire infographic below to find out what one can buy with this enormous sum.

Click on image to enlarge

Click on image to enlarge

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