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Hand-Lettered Typographic Prints Of Local Sayings From All Over The World

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In every place, there are certain idioms and sayings that are unique to it—learning how they came to be can help one understand its culture, history and people.

A graphic design student based in Leeds, UK, Chloe Allen has embarked on a hand-lettering project that brings typography and the world’s cultures together.

Featuring gorgeous, colorful illustrations of local sayings and turn of phrase, the “Neck of the Woods” project is not only lovely to look at but also very educational as well.

Allen adds new artworks regularly to this on-going series—each piece is accompanied by a short explanation about the meaning and origin of the featured phrase.

You can email your local saying to Allen and get her to create a print for it—find out more about the project over here.


[via Neck of the Woods Project]
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