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Johnson's Baby Gives Useful, Heartwarming Tips To Moms, From Other Moms

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Johnson’s Baby is connecting mothers in Australia and New Zealand with its new ‘Mum to Mum Project’ which was created in collaboration with DDB Sydney and Profero.

The project features useful and heartwarming tips for women who have just embarked on motherhood. Anyone can join in to gain invaluable wisdom from experienced mothers; one can also partake in this effort by contributing personal bite-sized ‘notes’ of wisdom. 

Reading the inspirational and reassuring messages—from “Patience and a deep big breath will conquer all” and “If it feels right, it is right”, to “Keep calm and breastfeed” and “Smell once, wipe twice”—may just be what a new mom needs to get through a tough day.

Whether you're a mom (or a dad), have a look at some of these uplifting messages—one of them might just make your day:


[via, images via Mum to Mum Project, Johnson’s Baby, DDB Sydney and Profero]
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