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How To Deal With The Frustrating Day-In, Day-Out Work-Life Routine

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In 2005, literary genius David Foster Wallace gave an inspiring, gripping and very down-to-earth commencement address at Kenyon College.

Eight years on the late writer's word remains highly relevant and has been animated into a riveting and captivating video by the folks at the humble video production shop, The Glossary.

Titled ‘This Is Water’, the cinematic representation of Wallace's speech outlines his foresight and perspective, by reminding all of us that the world does not actually revolve around the individual.

Often, when we are faced with situations of frustration and annoyance at the ‘day-in, day-out’ routine of life, we can make a choice about how we choose to deal.

If you happen to be feeling low or disillusioned about life, work, studies—or anything, for that matter—this might be the ideal pick-me-up video of the day, for you:


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